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hey all, sorry I kind of stopped posting layouts here all of a sudden, I got way too busy with two jobs and a general hectic life, but now that everything's settled down with work I can finally start making things again, alas, livejournal kind of went to shit since, so I've set up shop on Dreamwidth. So if you'd like to see me being fairly active, go to fit @ dreamwidth

hanks all, we had an awesome run here!
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TEMPORARILY CLOSED. (the joke's on you, lj)

hi guys! sorry we haven't exactly been the activest comm out there! sadly, this fact is not going to change since sufferer and howlite pretty much quit and i am trying to see if livejournal will regain some senses and give some respect it's users. depending on what's going to happen until FEBRUARY 5TH, fluos is temporarily closed (like we weren't already inactive? but yeah). if livejournal continues to bash it's users, then i guess we're headed over to dreamwidth.

so, right now, everyone go join campus@dw, jojo will still make amazing layouts there. as for me, i'll be watching lj and the dumbfuck igrick.

any questions? xx
EDIT: you guys are so precious........cries fixed link

flexible squares ▸ project hs - part one: the kids

Ah, summer. The perfect time for spamming your layout community.

So, fois and I have been working on a new project: making Homestuck-themed Livejournal layouts! Great for your own journal, or a RP-journal, whatever floats your boat.

Each layout will be customised specifically for a certain character, featuring userheads, corresponding color-schemes, and more! I just finished Part One: The Kids right here, but Part Two: The Trolls should be coming your way soon.

Also! These layouts are made specifically for S2 Flexible Squares, so make sure you have your LJ set to that theme if you're gonna use any of these. Go to Livejournal: Customize like usual, >Custom CSS in the sidebar, and then set all drop-down boxes to 'No'. Insert code into empty box, and voila.

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mod ▸ poll results && new lj strip

thank you for all of you who voted in the poll! so delighted that you all have taken the trouble to help us out ♡ however, as lovely as your thoughts in voting, the results aren't what i hoped it would be.

the project scroll bar, for which i have already made two layouts for, is only useful/usable to those who use safari, chrome and maybe IE. the majority of those who voted use firefox according to the results and this is why i would like you guys to tell me if i should continue on with these projects nonetheless.

tl;dr thanks for voting, but firefox can't see customized scroll bars. should i continue project scroll bar or not?

on another note, we're fixing up the codes again. this is because the new lj navi strip has a different code and all our previous coding for it are overwritten. if you want to do it yourself, i found this page helpful.